Knowing the value of your business is critical to understanding the value of your key employees and designing plans that properly retain, reward and recruit them to your company.  We begin with a fast, easy and inexpensive valuation process that brings clarity to the process.


As the business owner,  your role is best suited to Decide among the various plan design options we present.  Our independence and years of industry "insider" experience leads us to solutions that are custom designed and economically efficient.

Design & Execute

Great solutions don't implement themselves.  We Design & Execute full turnkey strategies from enrollment, plan administration and funding through our various business partners.  Each are selected to uniquely fit your client's specific goals and needs.


Go with a team approach.

Partnering with the EBGUY enhances your practice by sharing over 30 years of experience and a host of professional resources to assist with your business owner client's planning needs.

YOU are the primary client.

Our practice keeps you, the advisor, as the primary point of contact and relationship manager with the business owner.  Our process of ENGAGE, DISCOVER, DESIGN and EXECUTE best identifies the needs of your client and where you can best help them achieve their goals.

Business people in meeting

Next Steps...

An estimated 10 million closely held businesses will transfer $12 Trillion of wealth over the next 10 years.  These owners are in critical need of advice and solutions to retain, reward and recruit key talent to protect the future of their business and key source of retirement wealth.  Contact me today to learn more about how to add executive benefit planning to your practice.